Shot blasting & Coating

We use intergrated shot-blasting machines to clean our steel products. We are also able to provide the steel with a temporary coating, which protects the material from oxidation during the transportation. Thanks to our continuous investments in technology we are able to be competitive in the market.

Sawing & Cutting

Need specific lengths? No problem! We can get your steel to any length. We have four sawing machines available which are continuously working in order customize your steel! We are also able to supply laser cutted plates, even the heavy plates. Finish your project and make the puzzle complete, we supply your missing pieces!


Looking for galvanized steel? you’re at the right adres! We have the connection to apply a protective zinc coating to supply the steel galvanized. The purpose of galvanizing can be decorative, functional, or both. We also have galvanized tubes and pipes directly available from stock.