INDUMET is a steel trading agency representing Heuvelman Staalhandel B.V. in the Southern-Latin American Region, focussing on construction companies and whole-salers.  As agency we strive to be a reliable partner for construction steel. We do this by punctuality and quality assurance and consistency.

Heuvelman Staalhandel B.V. has been active in the steel industry in Europe for over 125 years. In addition they now have been in business in South America for over five years and the demand for their products and services has been increasing year over year.

In 2017, in a reaction to the increased demand from Southern-Latin America, INDUMET has been founded. Our main product is construction steel, however we supply our clients with much more. From the largest beams to the smallest bolts and nuts.

Our vision and believes...

Our vision to be successful is to build up long-term relationships with our clients. We work with two pillars which are extremely important for us to operate successfully in the Southern-Latin American market. 1. We have respect for our clients, and we believe this is the only way to gain respect FROM the client. 2. If we say YES WE CAN, WE DO SO. If we say we do not, than we are honest as honesty and reliability is our strength.

We are competitive in the Southern-Latin American market as we have already proven to our current clients. However, competitive might not always mean the cheapest, but being competitive means much more. It’s our service, reliability, and flexibility that makes us strong and competitive. INDUMET, Steel you can build on!

INDUMET’s strength is to offer the client a complete package of steel products, in order to keep things simple for our clients, from the largest beams to the smallest bolts and nuts, just ask us..!


MSc. G. Heuvelman

Founder / Sales agent

My name is Gijsbert Heuvelman. With my background and the experience in the European steel industry which I gained from working in the family company in the Netherlands I am now successfully participating in INDUMET as the co-founder and as sales agent. Entering the South- Latin American market is a new adventure for me. I especially like the latin people and culture and the way of doing business in this market.

MBA. D. Cathalina

Founder / Sales agent

My name is David Cathalina. I am from the Caribbean area, however my roots are in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. I gained a lot of experience in business in the South-Latin American market over the past few years. After I graduated from my MBA a couple of years ago, I immediately started working as an entrepreneur and the things I learned so far being an entrepreneur is added value for Indumet.